Client Portal

For our regular valued customers, we can offer access to our client portal facilities. The Client Portal provides our clients access to their own specially tailored service that only they and their nominated employees can see. It can hold a bespoke range of products or a more tightly controlled range of garments that ensures everyone is buying and wearing the same which can control cost and drive consistency of performance and brand.

We can also adjust views by brand or unit so that they only see what they need to. The Client Portal can also streamline the ordering and dispatch with a simple online ordering process which is available 24/7 making it easier to order when it suits. Our operations team will receive real-time work tickets making sure that orders are processed, personalised and dispatched in an efficient and timely way. The portal can also carry predetermined choices of embellishment and even have a budget cap or approval level so you have no unplanned surprises.

It offers you, our clients, on-demand access to the goods and services you want when you want them. If you wish to discuss setting up a client portal speak to our customer services team or speak to your sales contact.